Tenants From Hell? Tips To Quickly Get Your Investment Property Emptied and Clean

Having an investment property that is rented out to tenants is a popular choice for many Australians. If managed correctly with the right tenants, an investment property can provide you with financial security and a regular future income. Unfortunately, like many property owners around the country you may find yourself in a nasty situation with tenants who have left your property in a dirty, damaged, and rubbish strewn state. Fortunately, comprehensive landlord insurance will generally cover any damage to the property that has been caused by the tenants and will also cover all or some of the lost rental due to non-payment by the errant tenant. [Read More]

Tips for Dealing With Ants in Your Skip

If you're worried about ants appearing in your skip or if you currently have a lot of ants around your skip, there are several things you can do to deter these little creatures. You may also want to take steps to ensure the ants can't get into your place of business. Check out these tips. Double Bag All Food Rubbish If you throw out food related rubbish such as leftover snacks or fruit peels from the break room, you may want to double bag that rubbish. [Read More]